A Letter from the Open Lending CEO Addressing COVID-19 Preparedness

To the Customers of Lenders Protection™, You, as our customers, clients and friends, come first. Our business success depends on providing service to you under all circumstances. Our top priority is to ensure the health and safety of our customers, community and employees. As more cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) begin to appear globally and locally, we want to update you on our operations as well as share that we are fully functional with business taking place as usual. That said, we are limiting on-site travel and relying on virtual meetings when and where we can.  Many of our employees are working from home, and our technology and infrastructure is designed to function securely in this fashion.  We have tested our Business Continuity Plan, and we will continue to serve our customers with the first class service you expect. We are employing common sense precautions of extra cleanliness measures in our main office that will slow down and hopefully prevent the spread of all germs. Please know that we are committed to providing you outstanding service that you have come to expect from us, with unwavering professionalism.   Thank you for trusting us with your business.

Respectfully, John Flynn

President/CEO and Founder