Aracely Alaniz Makes it Rain for Credit Unions

Open Lending has a very different culture than her previous insurance company jobs, Aracely Alaniz, Insurance Services Manager, explains.

Work environment is critical, and Aracely states, the adjusters are excited about their work – excited because they get to see clients’ reactions after fulfilling a claim. “We are very happy because, we are the ones who pay the money!” she exclaims with a laugh. Not the usual reputation for insurance companies.

It helps, Aracely says, that Open Lending’s sales and customer care teams do an excellent job on the front end of educating and preparing clients for claims, questions and issues. “When it comes claim time, clients know the process and expectations,” she says, which helps make her team’s jobs easier.

Open Lending really does work like a team, Aracely adds; she feels she can reach out to anyone in the company and they’ll be willing to help and collaborate. Occasionally when they expect a client is going to not be happy with a decision, they also try to get ahead of it to ensure the account manager is informed and involved to continue building that relationship through the challenges.

The company also ensures everyone has clear measurements of performance, necessary resources and fun. Making sure the adjusters have the resources they need is part of Aracely’s responsibilities, as well as developing a positive workplace for her team of nine adjusters. Communications, and listening in particular, she says are her strengths as a leader. Aracely makes clear that she has an open-door policy. Listening also means soaking up all the information she can about accounting, lending and banking.

“I’ve only been with the company a little more than two years, but it’s exciting to see the company and the direction it’s going and our department’s contributions to that,” she says, referring to Open Lending’s public offering earlier this year.