Julie Nielsen Excels at Cooking Up Stronger Partnerships

Whether in her personal life or as part of the Open Lending team, Vice President of Channel Partnerships Julie Nielsen has been a key player in building relationships between our many partners – and her own. Julie will be getting married next fall!

Julie previously worked for one of our carrier partners, AmTrust Financial, before joining Open Lending in the fall of 2017 in the then-newly created role. She’s a natural at identifying, collaborating with, and supporting our strategic partners that facilitate our highly relevant and convenient products and services to banks and credit unions. Julie shared that she enjoys learning from the variety of perspectives provided by the business partners and colleagues she engages with every day. The challenge of finding new and different ways Open Lending can partner with other collaborators to continue supporting the lenders is no match for Julie’s instincts and industry knowledge!


A 20-year veteran of the lending industry, Julie finds the dynamic and fast-paced environment at Open Lending demanding and fun. She’s also happy to work alongside our team members who work closely together and take the time to get to know one another. Julie added that  working with community financial institutions fulfilling. Banks and credit unions don’t just serve people; they build personal relationships within their respective communities. The work these institutions do became all the more important during the global COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to financial hardship for many people. Being able to give support to financial institutions that care about the people in their communities during difficult times is especially important to Julie. 

“People typically need an auto to facilitate their family or work life, and being able to get an auto loan with payment terms they can handle and find success in rebuilding their credit is meaningful,” Julie said. “The work Open Lending does in partnership with banks and credit unions is life-changing.”

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When not at the office, Julie enjoys travel, music, and getting outside for a run or a hike with her fiancé, Jon. Since moving from Minnesota to Austin 18 months ago, she’s had a lot of great weather to it. She was able to experience some of what the city has to offer before the pandemic, and now that things are opening up again, Julie is itching to explore further. She also enjoys cooking and hosting parties, and looks forward to being able to do more of that in the coming months.  Right now, Julie also is keeping busy planning her wedding, scheduled for the fall of 2022. Congratulations, Julie!