Katie Inselmann:  Instrumental in Public Company Compliance

Open Lending has been a public company for one year. Transitioning from a privately held to a publicly held company has taken a lot of work to satisfy public company reporting and compliance requirements, and Vice President of Accounting Katie Inselmann has been an integral part of that process.

family 1Along with accounting and shoring up the department’s procedures, Katie was specifically brought on to the Open Lending team to help with the new public company requirements and to ensure that the proper controls are in place as the Company prepares for SOX compliance. She has also assisted with the implementation of a new ERP system and has facilitated frequent communication between the accounting department and the rest of the organization.

Katie, who worked previously at Ernst & Young for ten years, most recently as a Senior Manager, had worked for a variety of clients in different industries. She says that what she likes most about her work is the people and how they really care about the business and understanding its overall nature. “So many people care tremendously and have a unified, strategic vision,” Katie explained. The way her coworkers have been able to teach her so much about the auto loan industry – and especially Open Lending’s unique role within that industry – has consistently been one of her favorite aspects of her new role.

family 2Katie is excited to be a part of the company’s continuing efforts to build out its public company infrastructure, and she is equally excited about Open Lending’s long-term growth potential. She enjoys the opportunity to design and implement procedures and processes, which she hopes will be around for a long time even as they continue to evolve. Katie also says she’s learned a lot about auto loans and community banks and credit unions. She has come to appreciate the nuances of how credit unions differ from banks and how Open Lending’s products and services can benefit not only the financial institutions that are Open Lending’s customers but also the borrowers who rely on these lenders to finance their auto purchases.


When Katie is not working on 10Qs and 10Ks, she spends quality family time with her husband, Madison and her two daughters, ages 5 and 3. They enjoy those young-family outdoor activities, such as bike rides and walks around the neighborhood, which the Austin weather allows for year-round. Katie and her husband also enjoy hiking and love to travel. Now that travel is opening again, they’re busy making plans to visit Portland, Oregon, in a few weeks.