Moring Oversees Open Lending Client Implementation Like a Hawk

Tom Moring is Open Lending’s implementation manager. He’s also the unofficial title around the office as ‘the bird guy.’

Twenty years ago, he went on a boat touring the jungles of Costa Rica at his sister’s invitation. The scenery and wildlife were fascinating to him, but the birds in particular caught his eye – the colors, their habits.

That keen eye of observation carries over into his work at Open Lending, where he oversees the process from contract signing to bringing a client live, which averages around 42 days and he continues working to make it more efficient.Tom 3

As a project management professional, he organizes all the moving parts, from scheduling client calls and keeping the sales team up to date to ensuring his team remains on time with the agreed upon schedule. “We work to see consistency in standardized processes for new client onboarding,” he said, which increases the efficiency of all parties involved. That includes the credit union or bank’s loan origination system vendors, which is crucial to the process, but fortunately Open Lending has many partnerships across LOS business partners and more.

“I’m very collaborative,” Moring explained. “I like to get people to buy into things , rather relying on any authority I have...” He added that he’s also incredibly patient, which helps. Essentials for a good project manager include communicating well, being very detail oriented, having good follow through and ensuring all lose ends are tied in a neat bow, Moring said.

Tom 1

“A common misconception is that people in my position have anything but the customers’ best interest in mind,” Moring said. However, especially as a publicly traded company now, additional scrutiny through audits serve as proof that things like onboarding and procedures follow best practices and industry standards.

The result is quality customer service through timely delivery, effective communications and well informed clients. In the 18 months Moring’s been at Open Lending, he proudly said his team has never delayed a project. It helps that the leadership of the company makes it feel more like a family pulling together for everyone’s best interests.

All that hard work deserves relaxing, and when he’s not bird watching, Moring enjoys fly fishing and music, ranging from bluegrass to the Grateful Dead and everything in between.

Want to jam with Tom?

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